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Bush AeroLithium Batteries

Aerolithium is a high-tech company specializing in the custom design and development of lithium experimental aircraft batteries for the Aviation and Aerospace Industry. Our proven lithium power solutions for experimental aircraft systems enhance performance and reliability. Since 2011 we have been serving the General Aviation and the Experimental market worldwide.

Our lithium cell research is a continuing process to obtain the latest in lithium cell technology and cutting-edge BMS circuitry. We are devoted exclusively to providing the finest Lithium Aircraft Batteries to the flying community. Our newest line of Lithium Smart Batteries set the Gold Standard in reliability, functionality, and value. Aerolithium Aviation Batteries exceed the starting power requirements for all Lycoming, Continental, Rotax, ULPower, Jabiru, PBS TJ100, PT6, Garrett, Walter and other engines.


Compare for yourself and learn why more and more pilots and builders have decided to switch to Aerolithium for their Experimental Aircraft Battery. Your exceptional aircraft deserves an exceptional battery! 

  • Cells - Cylindrical and prismatic LiFePO4

  • BMS - Advanced, digital, premium features

  • Copper bus bars for high current, less resistance

  • Enclosure - Anodized aluminum 5052, ABS.

  • Operating temps - minus 20 to 65 Celsius

  • Tri-color LED SOC indicator option

  • Voltage - 14.4 and 28.8 systems

  • Specific energy density - 128wh/kg

  • Super capacitor starting assist for freezing temps



Our Signature Features:



Our  battery Ah sizes are 7, 9, 12, 18, 24ah and up to fit all aircraft and engines.



Digital programmed software operating system.
Low volume production allows faster adaptation to newer components and technologies.



To accommodate all the various Ah capacities, shapes, and dimensions  clients ask for, we offer a multitude of choices of different cases and terminals



Superfast charging = less work for the alternator, BMS regulated and protected for any size alternator/ generator



Carbon fibre, copper bus bars, 6 and 8AWG internal wiring aluminum cases



LiFepo4 chemistry is compatible with lead acid charging profiles.



Aerolithium experimental aircraft batteries are compatible with all aircraft charging systems as a drop in replacement for AGM batteries. Our BMS will accept the same charging voltage and current.  This acceptance of a higher current does not harm the alternator as it puts out only what it is designed to and the BMS in our battery limits the charging current to its own limit as well. As the battery's voltage increases it forces the current down in the absorption phase. Aerolithium's BMS will protect against any overvoltage / over current during charging.

Any discharging will not be interrupted.

Aerolithium's exclusive over-current protection means our BMS can handle any aircraft alternator without crowbar protection as needed by other sellers.
Self discharge is around 1% a month for the 1st year, then, it can sit for years without degradation. the battery will sit naturally at about 13+ volts for a long time; a 98% discharged state would be anything less than 9.0V. Upon a LVD, simply attach charger; no disconnecting of negative lead or jump starting required.  Use a LiFEpo4 charger at 14.4V.

Aerolithium now uses Active cell balancing, offering the finest chargers from Victron.

Aerolithium Experimental Aircraft Starter Battery Unique Features:

  • BMS programming on select batteries gives it both an LVD and UVP exclusive protection feature so that any accidental or parasitic drains  wont reduce the battery charge completely. also known as ' auto-jump feature'

  • Batteries are waterproof and immune to vibration. Compatible with all alternators that put out 14+ volts.

  • The aluminum case is thermally conductive. Major benefit: Any internal heat is transferred to the case like a heatsink.

  • Bidirectional terminals.

  • Mounting bracket included if needed, firewall bracket fits Vans RV hole pattern.

  • LVD / Low Voltage Disconnect, at 9.6V

  • AeroLithium Batteries also have our exclusive Battery 'Auto-jump' option - if ever the master switch is accidentally left on, simply push the 'awake' button (remote mount cable included) and the battery comes back to life to start your engine.

  • A GPU will never be needed. You will never be stuck on an isolated airport in the middle of dark night, hungry, cold, and stressed out for lack of power. 

  • Battery can be located in cabin without any vent tubing.

  • 24V available custom built to your specs and Ah, email for info, see slide show

  • All AeroLithium batteries are in compliance with Rotax 912is manual section 24-00-00 pg 4 and SB 912 I - 005is


Click Here for a full rundown of the advanced Battery Management System (BMS) integrated into our AeroLithium batteries.


Contact Us through the chat box on the right or call 0414 536 063 to discuss options and pricing on our AeroLithium range.

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