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Bush Aero distribute a wide variety of Meglin variable and fixed-pitch carbon composite propellers, primarily designed for Ultralight and Light Sport Aircraft (aeroplanes, trikes, paragliders etc).

Carbon composite propellers are proven to have exceptional characteristics including

  • High Performance

  • Low Noise

  • Minimum Vibration

  • Easy Replacement

  • Low Cost






A specifically chosen and correctly installed prop can fix many problems an aircraft operator may be experiencing. Changing a prop is much easier, faster, and significantly more cost effective than changing the engine, and can have the same or even better results.

Meglin propellers are designed and made for a variety of airscrew driven vehicles, from ultralight and light sport aircraft to trikes, autogyros, power parachutes and paragliders. All blade models are designed using cutting edge computer technologies, then tested in a wind tunnel and in flight. There are 26 different propeller models for all different applications, including right and left hand rotation, push and pull propellers, and straight and scimitar shape.

They are suitable for a variety of engines from small Simonini PPG 15-18hp up to Rotax 914 and autoconversion engines up to 260hp. Special reinforced blades can be ordered.

Meglin propellers share the same hub design as Kievprop. They are CNC machined from aviation aluminium alloy and anodised. As most Meglin blade models have the same root shape as models from Kiev and Aerolux, they can be used as a direct replacement in most circumstances. They are handmade with phenomenal accuracy and made with carbon fibre and fiberglass composite materials. This makes Meglin propellers more rigid, reducing idle wobbling and slipstream interference vibrations.

All propellers are finished in a beautiful black gelcoat, often with white tips for improved safety. White and two colour blades (white one side, black on the other side) are available as a special order. Meglin propellers have integrated strong leading edge protection, providing outstanding strength and exceptional abrasion resistance, which is an ideal attribute for bush pilots from unprepared runways as well as float and amphibian aircraft.

PLEASE NOTE - Whilst it is our job to supply our customers with the best performing propellers for as many applications as possible, it is the aircraft owners responsibility to determine the suitability and legality of the propeller they choose to use. It is accepted industry standard that propellers are not returnable or refundable, especially once they have been fitted.


SR/SL Scimitar-shape blade propellers

CR/CL Straight Edge Propellers

C Model Props.png
Scimitar Props.png



Elliptical blades are a new, high efficiency Meglin blade with the added benefit of low noise. They are available in 1740mm, 1760mm, 1780mm and 1800mm diameters.

Pictured below is the SR117 elliptical blade.

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