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Bush Aero are excited to offer high quality classic wooden propellers for light aircraft, flexwing microlights, paramotors and souvenir propellers. Wooden propellers are able to be calculated and manufactured for any power plant.

Meglin have been producing wooden propellers since 1990, and during this time have developed hundreds of propellers that are installed on a variety of aircraft, trikes, airboats and snowmobiles.

They are exquisitely handmade using classic technology that was used for some of the original propellers 100 years ago.

To ensure high strength and durability, beech, ash and oak are generally used in the construction of a wooden propeller. To further increase durability and moisture resistance, glued fiberglass is used on the surface and the leading edge of the blade is protected by stainless steel.

Pine propellers are available on request. The use of pine will speed up the production of the propeller and are generally cheaper.

To order a wooden propeller, simply contact us and provide the details of the propeller you require, including:

  • diameter

  • pitch

  • rotation (left or right in terms of direction of flight)

  • mounting bolts

  • push or pull 

Alternatively, if you are unsure about what propeller you need, feel free to contact us and provide some details of your particular aircraft, including:

  • aircraft cruising speed

  • engine (power, cubic capacity, RPM)

  • reduction gear (mechanics, pulleys, reduction relation)

  • push or pull

  • maximum diameter available

With these details we can evaluate and create a propeller that would be best suited to your requirements.

Pictured below are some of the wooden propellers we have created for our customers.

PLEASE NOTE - Whilst it is our job to supply our customers with the best performing propellers for as many applications as possible, it is the aircraft owners responsibility to determine the suitability and legality of the propeller they choose to use. It is accepted industry standard that propellers are not returnable or refundable, especially once they have been fitted.

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